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Editorial - A journey of fifty years


Ajit Abeysekera

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I consider it a privilege to be the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the National Science Foundation during the year that it is celebrating its 50th year of publication.
Prof. G. C. N. Jayasuriya was the chairman of the editorial board of the first issue of the Journal which was published on the 27th of August 1972.The Journal has been published regularly since then providing Sri Lankan scientists with a quality platform for sharing their research results with the broader scientific community. The increasing number of papers received and published from other countries in the region in the recent years, reflects the growing acceptance of the Journal internationally.
This celebratory special issue consists of invited articles from eminent Sri Lankan scientists, working in Sri Lanka and abroad. Neither the list of scientists invited nor the fields of science in which Sri Lankans have excelled as represented by the articles in this issue, is comprehensive. Nevertheless, the articles cover a broad range of subject matter, and provide a fascinating view of different areas of science and its applications, to address many issues of current importance to society.
The authors were left free to decide on the format of their articles, and as befitting the occasion, most have been written as reviews, while some which also include substantial elements of a review, have been formatted as research articles. I thank all the authors for their impressive contributions.
I am particularly happy that my predecessor, Prof. Nalini Ratnasiri, has provided a guest editorial for this issue. I thank the current editorial board for providing their expertise and editorial guidance towards maintaining and improving the standard and the standing of the journal.  I also thank Prof. Ranjit Senaratne, chairperson of the NSF, for his keen involvement and support to bring out this issue.
It is a pleasure to acknowledge the smartness, capability and commitment of the staff of the editorial office of the JNSF, which has contributed in no small measure to the successful journey of the Journal over the years
How to Cite: Abeysekera, A., 2022. Editorial - A journey of fifty years. Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 50, p.174. DOI:
Published on 10 Nov 2022.


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